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Smart Defense presented its solutions to the officers of the Logistics Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The meeting of specialists with the officers of the Logistics Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took place on the territory of Smart Defense, LLC. Specialists demonstrated specialized equipment and solutions of the company, which are successfully used by the military, security, and rescue units of Ukraine and the advanced countries of the world and have proven their effectiveness in real conditions:

  • – specialized mobile laboratories for special purposes for the decontamination of vehicles and people with the possibility of delivery and deployment in the place of emergencies associated with CBRN threats (developed by Smart Defense, LLC)
  • – aviation and maritime surveillance/target designation systems manufactured by Teledyne FLIR
  • – thermal imaging equipment (thermal imagers, sights)
  • – a solution for detecting radiation, chemical, and biological threats
  • – equipment and systems to reduce (remove) from the surface of the body and prevent the spread of chemical, radiation and biological agents from contaminated persons and objects
  • – fire extinguishing systems, etc.

The participants discussed the issues of using the presented Smart Defense, LLC solutions for the needs of the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Based on the results of the meeting, further steps are planned, including specialized presentations and consultations on the use of Smart Defense solutions in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.