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Artificial intelligence from Cognyte is the must of every airport in the world

Intelligent security systems for airports are always a must. Millions of passengers, tons of cargo and a continuous cycle of information require the highest level of security, lightning reaction to the incident and action on prejudice. And imagine that it is possible, effective and even affordable.

Deploying intelligent security solutions at airports from our partner Cognyte, whose software complies with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Security Act (SAFETY Act), helps optimize all aspects of security management by analyzing data to ensure the day-to-day operation of the airport. Intelligent Airport Control Center, which should include different levels of intelligent technology, such as:

– Video Management Software (VMS) that uses advanced artificial intelligence and security analytics. The VMS system is crucial for monitoring airport operations and investigating potential threats. And by integrating VMS with various technologies and components, such as dynamic GIS maps and response force management, airport security services can gain full situational awareness and control of the situation to act accordingly;

– Dispatch manager control system. In the event of an incident, airports need to exchange real-time information between controllers, emergency services and other parties involved. The new generation of mobile technologies used in the Intelligent Control Center allows operators to see the full picture of the situation, as well as its development by appropriate response forces, helping to facilitate informed decisions and without delay. Eventually, these facilities become better prepared to proactively respond to incidents, while providing a positive experience for travelers. As airports seek to attract more passengers and expand, choosing security solutions based on sophisticated intelligent and analytical solutions helps protect what matters most: people, property and business continuity.