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Flir E95

The FLIR E95 has the sensitivity and resolution needed for the most accurate temperature screening of a person. This thermal imaging camera offers high-performance features like laser autofocus and on-screen area measurement, as well as 161,472 (464 x 348) temperature measurement points and a wide temperature range of up to 1500 ° C.

The FLIR E95 has an excellent spot size ratio and is sensitive enough to detect slight temperature differences. AUTOCAL ™ INTELLIGENT OPTICS FLIR has developed an all-new E95 lens that you can automatically calibrate for your camera and share between cameras. The camera can simultaneously capture both thermal and visual images. By choosing the image mode, you select the type of image that is displayed on the screen.

Configurable work folders, built-in microphone for voice comments and reporting functions – all this helps the E95 optimize its work day. A clear view from any angle The E95 is equipped with a large new shiny touch screen with a viewing angle of 160 °, which helps you to monitor the thermal image during operation. In addition, with image enhancement options such as MSX® and UltraMax®, you will get the best picture clarity every time.