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Skin Temperature Screening

Just getting started with using a thermal camera for elevated skin temperature screening? We’ve put together a several short video tutorials for FLIR Screen EST™ to help get you started with the information you need to implement your screening procedures.

Although no thermal camera can detect coronavirus or diagnose Covid-19, FLIR cameras can be used to detect elevated skin temperature through quick individual screening. Detecting individuals with elevated skin temperature, who should then be further screened with medically-approved devices such as thermometers, can help identify elevated body temperature (EBT) and reduce the spread of infection. 

Thermal imaging cameras FLIR are installed at many airports and are specially equipped with the function of detecting people with elevated temperatures (thermal imaging cameras with automatic temperature compensation), and the entire analysis procedure of the examined object takes no more than a few seconds.

New FLIR thermal imagers were developed taking into account the wide experience in combating the spread of preceding diseases - SARS, swine flu. Currently, this measuring equipment is installed at most airports in the world.

Easy to deploy thermal imaging system to monitor the situation with COVID-19

The thermal imager does not need constant attention of the operator-thermographer, since duplicating sound and visual alarms will immediately inform you when a person passes by the lens of the device with a body temperature exceeding the specified parameters.

 The infrared thermogram of the face of the examined passenger is displayed on the display of the thermal imager, on which the difference in body temperature is indicated by different colors. The highest temperature value will be automatically recorded on the infrared image and measured with an accuracy of a few tenths of a degree.