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Deactivation, fire extinguishing

Smart Diffense is the official partner of CRISTANINI SPA, a world-renowned Italian company. Decontamination and detoxification systems, protective HCBE equipment, patented fire extinguishing technologies, as well as cleaning roads, buildings, graffiti and all kinds of dirt, tank and tank cleaning systems are the areas of expertise of this company as a NATO solution provider.

There are no analogues of solutions in the world today.

Devices are available to clean people who have been contaminated with hazardous substances. The substances used for decontamination are completely safe for humans.

Fire extinguishers are also quite important for public safety. We offer a device that uses the technology of "water fog", which allows you to quickly and effectively extinguish uncontrolled fire. Thanks to this, much less water is used and the quenching efficiency is improved.

Devices for cleaning roads and walls from dirt and graffiti are also available. When cleaning this way, no chemicals are used, only mechanics, high temperature and steam. No analogues to this technology have yet been invented

In the catalog you will also be able to find special vehicles for the cleaning of waste bins and their sanitary treatment.